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App Store Optimization-Digital Marketing

With millions of mobile apps available in the major app stores, often the mobile app publishers face the issue of getting their apps discovered. In case you are in the mobile app space, then it becomes highly important to learn about different methods of marketing the apps. This is the place where App Store Optimization or ASO can help.

App Store Optimization or ASO is basically the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in the search results of the app store. The higher the app ranks in the search results in the app store, the more visible it becomes to the potential clients. The increased visibility therefore is converted into more traffic in the app’s page in the app store.

There are some main factors of App Store Optimization. This article describes those:

  • Content Optimization (On-Page): Putting the right content in the app’s description and therefore optimizing the content properly with the right tools and by using the right keywords is very much necessary in App Store Optimization.
  • Analyze Reviews and Ratings (Off Page): While users mainly visit an app, they just check the experience of previous users pretty carefully. Therefore, reviews and ratings play important roles even in the app store. This is why, it is important for every app owner to highlight the positive reviews and immediately reply to the negative ones by analyzing the reviews and ratings.
  • Higher Rank for Keywords: Getting higher ranking for keywords is one of the most important steps for driving more traffic to the listing. To do this, it is necessary to build up a great online presence.
  • Increase Organic Downloads: With App Store Optimization, it is possible to change and optimize the metadata of a mobile app to get higher rank in the search results and this thing leads to the increase in the organic downloads.
  • App Title: It is considered as one of the most important and a main piece of Meta Data that one can create for the app and it is highly necessary for app store optimization. This is the first thing that people mainly check and it also informs them whether the search is relevant for them or not. Therefore, the title needs to be descriptive.
  • App Keywords: Picking the right keywords is necessary while optimizing the app listing. So, it is necessary to take time to find out the target users and competitions. This is also one of the main goals of App Store Optimization. There are a number of tools that can help you to find the optimal keywords necessary to rank for. After choosing the keywords, it is necessary to embed those into the listing on the App stores.
  • App Reviews & Ratings: App reviews and ratings work as one of the most essential off Meta data factors with conversion rate and downloads. These have the power to attest the authenticity and quality of the apps. Besides, these also have a great influence over the App Store algorithm and it clearly plays an important role in defining the position of the app in the store.
  • App Description: This is one of the fields that should be filled out in the metadata of the app. There are two main parts of this to count on, which are below the fold and above the fold. The above the fold section has enough space for 1-2 sentence description. On the other hand, the below the fold section is the place where one can focus on including relevant keywords and the individual features of the app.
  • App Logo: The app logo is considered as one of the important elements, which users can see while browsing the app. Visual assets work as a really influential factor, so this should be designed and crafted perfectly by using relevant, appealing, eye-catching and memorable details.
  • App Screenshots: Just like the app icon, the app screenshots are highly essential visual assets to catch the attention of the users. Users mostly prefer to look at the app screenshots instead of going through the description. Being easier and faster, the app screenshots bring life to the apps.
  • App Publisher Name: Like as the app icon, the app publisher name should be straightforward, easy to understand, unique and appealing as well. The publisher name must be understood right away and it must reflect the purpose of the app.
  • App Category: One of the most important tips of App Store Optimization is to choose the right app category or the category in which your app appears on the App Store. The categories mainly allow the users to browse through different types of apps. So, while choosing the category, choose something, which fits with the main function of the app in the best possible way.

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