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New Technologies In Web Development And Designing That The Best Web Development Company In India Must Be Aware Of

, November 29, 2021

The World Wide Web has more than 2 billion websites and hundreds of thousands of new websites are added to the list every day. With this intensifying competition, business and website owners have to modernize their websites. The availability of the latest technology is changing the concept of web design and development. Here in this blog, we will mention the top ways the new technology changes the world of web development and design.

1. Apps: From the past decade, there is a noticeable change in the field of technology. And the mobile web has a great influence on web design. Therefore, the websites have to accommodate more focused, slicker, and more streamlined versions. But in recent times, there has been a shift. And the apps have also overtaken the browsers
completely for mobile users.
2. Artificial intelligence: Also known as AI, this is another pioneering technology, which drives change in the field of web development. Starting from voice-assisted navigation, self-driven vehicles, granting access to the right person, automatic face and voice recognition of a human being, and machine-assisted conscience, which can make decisions for assisting human beings, there are uncounted applications. These days, every best web development company in India uses this innovative technology.
3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA): PWA are web pages, used increasingly by the best eCommerce websites, which can even work with poor internet or online, can be optimized for mobile viewing, and it is also low cost. PWA also supports interaction and allows the users to enjoy a great experience without realizing that they are still using the web browser. On the contrary, AMP is meant only for static content, and the loading time of these pages is lesser than HTML pages. The AMP also displays the necessary details like images, text, etc. while removing the unnecessary elements. Both of these variants include unique technologies, which can load web pages faster. As a result, Google prioritizes them and improves the ranking.
4. Push notifications: Like apps, push notifications to help the websites to reach a wider audience. Therefore, they are becoming very important for modern web design. But when you are working with the top web designing company in India, make sure that the company doesn’t overuse push notifications. It is because this can drive away from the customers. The same is true for email and other kinds of online marketing.
5. Chatbots: In recent times, chatbots are the best innovations for web design. Now online support is very important on websites. The majority of people choose to search and shop through websites, and chatbots are very advantageous for online support. They are great additions, available 24/7, and can offer essential and meaningful advice, support, and answers to clients.
6. Typography: It is another most important aspect of web design. And you must not neglect it as this technology keeps on changing. At present, we can see a great rise in the number of digital products and typography collections. Besides, calligraphers, web designers, and artists are also experimenting with new styles and letters.
7. Voice search: These days, the use of robotic voice tools like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa has gained immense popularity and it has also replaced text-based searching. Therefore, every web designer needs to implement voice searching in the website. It can make a big difference in the total number of users interacting with the site.
8. Static websites: Static websites are now very popular. And the static website generators help the web developers a lot in this matter. The generators never create accessible websites and they also have the reputation of being less interactive.

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