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Questions To Ask To Experts Offering Web Development Services India Before Shortlisting

, May 3, 2024

The website of your company or brand is often the first and in some cases, the only scope to make a great impact on your potential customers. An expert web developer can be your partner in guiding you to sway all the prospects of your websites while keeping the potential customers glued on the website. However, navigating the world of web development services India can be very daunting. So, it is necessary to select the right web development agency or the team of web developers, who can help you to develop a new website from scratch or to include a minor tweak or feature to the existing website. Therefore, asking the right questions to the developers is important before the final selection as the developer you choose will have an impact on your website as well as the total fun you will have during the development process. The answers that you will get will help you evaluate the experience and decide whether the developer is skilled enough to create a functional and fast website for your brand that brings a wonderful user experience.

1. What are the projects you have completed earlier?
This is a simple question that can disclose important details about the relevant expertise of a web developer or its team. This thing, therefore, helps you to decide whether the person is the ideal match for your project. So, ask the details like the industry experience of the developer, the websites he has developed, and the complexities related to those projects. Also check the projects, which are similar to your vision. The answer to this question will also reveal the adaptability, resourcefulness, and the developer’s knowledge to overcome obstacles.

2. What types of tasks you can handle?
By understanding the complete range of services that the web developer offers, you can have a comprehensive picture of his abilities. Do the web developer and his team offer all services like web development, web design, and hosting under one roof? Do they offer other services like website maintenance, SEO optimization, or content creation? Being aware of the skills of your web developer will help you to decide whether he is suitable for your project. Besides, by thoroughly exploring the answers to this question, you can also get good insights into the service capabilities of the web developer and his team, the value they can bring to the websites, and their approach to every project.

3. What standard procedures do you follow for developing a website?
Finding the best agency for web development is a lot more than just finding skilled people; it is about trusting an established system. So, you must dive deep into different stages of web development offered by the developer including the tools of web development he uses or how he conducts proper communication with the clients. Therefore, by working with a professional or a team of professionals, you can minimize delays and errors. Besides, this way, you will also get to know how these professionals identify and deal with the possible risks. Another thing you should know is how the professional handles some unexpected challenges in the development process. Never feel afraid to express your concerns about the service.

4. What is the estimated cost of developing a website?
It is another important question to ask as learning about the estimated cost of developing a website would allow you to effectively manage your budget while setting some realistic expectations. You can start it by contacting some freelancers or web development companies and asking them to offer a quote. Being aware of the average market rate would offer you the scope to negotiate. In case your budget and the proposed offers don’t match, then you are always free to look for alternative solutions. However, if you are planning to evaluate proposals from several teams, compare the features and estimated rates. After that, select the affordable web development company in India, which can offer the best value for the investment.

5. What is the estimated timeline for developing a website?
In business, time is considered money. This is the reason why it is important to ask the expected time frame of the website project. It is not only necessary for the planning and allocation of resources, but it will also help you to learn how the developer would manage his time for the job. So, once you are aware of the estimated duration of the project, you can plan the internal resources for launching further marketing campaigns and avoiding unnecessary delays.

6. Does the developer develop a template-based or customized website?
Selecting between a template-based or a customized website is a vital decision that can affect the website’s design, budget, and functionality. Template-based websites are more affordable and faster but they offer limited customization. Therefore, these websites can often lack the unique identity that you are looking for. However, if you need simpler websites with some standard features, template-based websites are the best choice. On the other hand, customized websites come with high flexibility and unique designs, but they are available with higher development time and higher cost. So, if your website needs unique functionality and complex features, choosing customized websites would be necessary.

However, if you have a tight budget and still need a unique solution, you can mix both options. Here you can begin with a template and then ask the developer to customize every element to match your business needs and brand identity.

7. How can you ensure the security of the developed website?
These days, cyberattacks and data breaches have become two major disturbing consequences for businesses. Therefore, you must ask about the security expertise of the web development team that you are planning to hire. It will help you to learn about their commitment to developing a reliable and safe online presence. To do this, you can explore the security measures that they implement or commit like secure coding practices, HTTPS, malware protection, and regular security audits. Apart from that, don’t forget to talk about your security concerns, mainly if your website manages online payments or sensitive data.

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