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3 Signs Your Website Design Needs a Redo

, January 3, 2020

Your website is a platform to showcase your best of products/services. If the web design fails to allure people to your site after some time, it’s time you need to give it a good brush-up. You must be aware that a website’s ranking depends on the algorithmic shift in search engines. Today it has become almost imperative to change your focus on and approach towards how the web design responds, considering the mobile-friendly algorithmic update on Google. So, if it has been a long time changing your website’s design, it certainly requires some changes keeping in terms with the shifting trends and better user experience. Following are some signs that say your website requires to be reshaped.

Check out Competitive Sites

Do you think there’s nothing wrong with your website? Then check out those of your competitors. Now compare which one is better. If you notice any difference and any feature that looks good on their site, then analyze whether it’s good for your site or not. You must also note whether a majority of the sites have transformed their design. Now make analysis on different aspects of their functionalities and check if you are lagging behind. If you find out a huge difference, you must make a move and catch up with them by getting an expert web design services India.

Dwindling Rate of Conversion

Besides looking after web metrics, you must keep a check on the rate of conversion. If the website traffic slows down due to changing algorithm in search engines, the conversation will also come to slow point. In fact, high bounce rate and low dwell time are two important signs of failing landing page. So, if you see there’s a decline in the conversation rate, you should know that it’s time to redesign your website.

Not Enough Important Features Included

Your website should reflect the goal of your business. As your business approaches change, the design of your website should always change, maintaining a uniformity between the two. So, do you think it needs some additional features to describe your products/services better? It can be anything- a chat plugin, popups, a welcome mat when the site opens and/or CTA buttons. There are more such features that help generate leads in websites. If you want to know more about them, you can hire the best web design India company that offers high-quality services at reasonable rates.

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