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Web Design Rules That Make A Website Lively

, June 12, 2020

Web design is a complex world full of terminology, rules, and techniques, which governs the things that make a great web page, which achieves all the objectives for which it was designed and one which does not. So, without the right training, web design becomes hard to master. And to get a successful web design, here are some of the rules offered by the best web design and development company that you must not break.

Here are the Rule That Every Web Development Company Should Follows


1. Avoid all the legibility issues: While designing a website, it is important to remember that if people are unable to read the text on your website, then the message is not going through properly. But several mistakes made by the web designers can decrease the legibility issues. To avoid this situation, it is important to choose the right color contrast as a poor choice of colors can backfire quite easily. Besides, it is necessary to choose fonts, which are not that small and easy to read.

2. Opt for visual hierarchy: This is another basic concept in the field of web design. Different techniques are there in web design services India that you can use to make things simple for the users for understanding the hierarchy of the contents like using different colors and font sizes. The selection of the right color plays an important role here. For instance, buttons in a webpage mentioning “shop now” or “sign up” must be designed on a brighter shade than other colors on that webpage.

3. Never go front-crazy: According to rules, it is necessary to use a maximum of three fonts on a webpage. And in some cases, using just one font is enough as well. Using too many fonts will make the website look unprofessional and unstructured. At the same time, you need to ensure that the selection of the fonts is appropriate to your industry and cohesive.

4. Add your contact details to your design: Although this is an obvious inclusion to every good web design India service, still numerous companies neglect it. Visitors mostly go through the company websites to get more information about the companies. And they choose to leave if they don’t find it. Therefore, it is important to add proper contact details on the website (including the complete address and contact details of your company) or you can create a separate contact us page where the users can fill their details out or can submit queries.

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