Digital Marketing Concept

Digital Marketing Concept Its Uses Nowadays

At the present time, the concept of marketing has changed a lot. In the earlier time, creating a go-to-market strategy and marketing plan were sufficient for marketing the services or products of a company. But at the present time, the marketers modify and adjust the marketing plans frequently on the basis of real time customer insights, emerging channels, new media and technology. As a result, the businesses are either briefing up their present marketing strategies with digital marketing or changing the business models to the online one with the aim to capture a very lucrative and growing online marketplace like Digital Marketing Concept.

The process of attracting targeted clients online also spells the difference between the successfully thriving businesses and the failed ones. Even if a business receives loads of daily traffic to the site, this doesn’t amount to anything unless it gets converted to sales or leads. So, in this digital arena, digital marketing tools and techniques offer the business owners the ideal chance to survive, compete and to grow their businesses.

But before implementing Digital Marketing Concept for the growth of a business, it is necessary for every business owner to learn what digital marketing is all about and the benefits associated to it:

Digital marketing definition:

Digital marketing is basically the process of integrating the experience of customers as well as different platforms through one digital channel. This also offers the prospect of improving and increasing the interactions and relationships with the prospective and present customers through the mobile applications, social networking sites and instant messaging system. Here are the key forms of Digital Marketing Concept at the present time:

  1. Internet banner ads
  2. SEO contents and websites
  3. Blogs
  4. Pay-Per-Click advertising
  5. Online video contents
  6. Email marketing
  7. Mobile marketing (MMS, SMS)
  8. Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

The importance of digital marketing in the present time in business:

There are actually a number of reasons why digital marketing has got so much popularity in the field of business. First and foremost, digital marketing is more affordable than the conventional methods of offline marketing. A social media or email campaign is capable of transmitting marketing messages to people for the fraction of the cost of a print of TV ad campaign while successfully reaching to a wide number of audiences within minutes.

Another reason why more and people are now opting for digital marketing is the ease with that it is possible to track and monitor the results. Instead of conducting some expensive client research, with digital marketing one can actually check customer response rates quickly while measuring the success of marketing campaigns in real time. This thing enables the business owners to plan for their next moves more effectively.

The strongest reason for incorporating digital element into marketing is that the forms of digital media are quickly overtaking all the forms of information consumption. So, the present age can be considered as the digital age and as a result, businesses, which fail to adapt to this new climate of marketing are considered to be at a great risk of going extinct sooner rather than later.

Now as we are aware of the importance of digital marketing for the businesses of present time, it’s time to look for the latest trends of Digital Marketing Concept that the businesses must follow.

What are the latest trends of digital marketing?

  • Search and eCommerce would go beyond Google to Twitter and Facebook: What can be more amazing if you use the social networking platforms for the advantage of your clients or customers? With these search capabilities, the brands will also get an automatic boost.
  • Snapchat- ads with one expiration date: These days, Snapchat has taken the world of social media by storm. Therefore, more and more digitally savvy users are considering it to send numerous videos, photos and drawings. Besides, a number of companies are also using this medium for the purpose of marketing. The companies create integrated marketing campaigns with Snapchat to offer exclusive contents to younger people by creating teasers for upcoming services/products with videos or photos that just exist for a several seconds. This makes the campaigns exclusive.
  • Live video streaming to link to the extremely engaged people: Videos work as a popular medium among people as the technology and the mobile connectivity improves. These can grab the attentions of consumers while keeping them engaged for a long time. So, this way, the live video streaming can help. As a result, more and more brands are now experimenting with these video streaming and incorporating these into the digital marketing efforts while allowing their clients to be a part of the brand experiences.
  • Instagram for advertisement: Instagram has the ability to convert businesses into super successful businesses as this platform offers paid advertising opportunities to business owners through selected developer partners. From this year, instagram ads are available to almost all the advertisers to promote their products or services by creating 30 second video ads or by producing multi page ads.
  • Target clients through Pinterest: At the present time, Pinterest has majorly stepped up in the marketing sector. Pinterest is going to introduce a new promoted pin, which is known as the animated cinematic pin. This pin will allow the sellers to target specific people on the basis of their interests. The best thing about these pins is that these are set in motion while a user scrolls and the motion will stop as soon as the user stops scrolling. So, the unique thing about this Digital Marketing Concept is that users are the part of this experience.
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing, on the basis of identity: Identity based pay per click marketing is a Christmas present from AdWords to all the digital marketers. This allows the business owners to target their clients with specific ads. This means that the sellers will be able to direct contents or ads, which can exactly answer any requirement to the targeted people. Another great thing about PPC ads is that these can get highly interesting contents in front of much targeted audience.

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