June 8, 2017

How Modern Web Designing Attract The Visitors?

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Modern Web Designing

Attracting clients often becomes difficult for any web design company irrespective of how well-establish it is. Numerous web design companies with freelancers have almost saturated this market to some extent that the clients have now numerous choices to choose from. Until and unless you are capable of standing out from the crowd, there will be very little chance to get new customers. So, it is necessary to have some great modern web designing work tips to help the business website or blog drive more traffic while improving the visitors browsing experiences and while ensuring that you can actually make as much money as possible. So, here are the tips:

  1. Replace all the background images with CSS3 background gradients: Do you use background images in your website? Images are large and therefore chew bandwidth while slowing down the bandwidth. But in most of the cases, the wise option is to replace the background images with lightweight, attractive and modern looking CSS3 gradients. There is no need to know anything about these to use.
  2. Implement the responsive web design techniques: Does your site support the mobile devices? Whether you admit it or not, it is responsive web design is now undoubtedly the most important update of eCommerce web design, which all the businesses and bloggers will need to do in near future. Actually, there are a number of methods to implement responsive modern web designing templates. So, you can choose your own.
  3. Replace images with the text: Do you have images in your website to display the website title or written information? The images are not only unwieldy and large, but these also hide important SEO related information from the search engines. Therefore, it makes sense to change the text images into the header text. These texts include important phrases and SEO keywords and therefore you will notice good page rank improvements in the Search Engine Result Pages.
  4. Replace JavaScript with the CSS3 transitions: As per the general rule, it is better to avoid using JavaScript if possible in the modern web designing project. It is because, JavaScript can hide vital contents from the search engines while slowing down and degrading sites badly. This thing therefore leads to poor and slow browsing experiences.

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