Best SEO Tools In 2016 – An Informative Overview

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is considered as a never ending turf war. Irrespective of the size, every business should have a site, which includes web pages listing all the services and key products it is trying to sell. Others have the Web Pages, which are devoted to the targeted contents that the company needs while more prominently surfaced in the search results of Google than the competitors. This is the thing the optimization part of SEO prefers to accomplish. Actually, this is a nitty-gritty game of research-and keyword-driven leapfrog significantly made more complicated by Google’s penchant for changing all the rules on every several months. This is the scenario where SEO tools come in. In this article you will find the details about the Best SEO Tools 2016 recommended by the experts.

Details of Best SEO Tools 2016:

According to the experts of this industry, the leading Best SEO Tools 2016 are: SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, BuzzSumo, Searchmetrics and Google Analytics.

Best SEO tools- what the experts are saying:

•    According to Rand Fishkin- the wizard of Moz, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    Moz
2.    Getstat
3.    Buzsumo

•    According to Derek Edmont- the director and managing partner of marketing strategy at Komarketing, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    Ubersuggest
2.    Pingdom Website Speed Tool
3.    SEObook’s Rank Checker

•    According to Neil Patel- the founder of QuickSprout, KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    Ahrefs
2.    Google Search Console
3.    Google Analytics

•    According to Gabriel Weinberg- the Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, the only leading SEO tool is:
1.    Moz

•    According to Lisa Buyer- the editor of Social PR Chat and the author of Social PR secrets, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    Yoast
2.    SEOToolSet
3.    BuzzSumo

•    According to Erik Emanuelli from NoPassiveIncome, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    SEMRush
2.    LongTailPRO
3.    Google Keyword Planner

•    According to Dan Sharp- the founder of Screaming Frog, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    Sistrix
2.    Majestic
3.    Searchmetrics

•    According to Jordan Kasteler, the digital marketing consultant at jordankasteler, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    URLProfiler
2.    Screaming Frog
3.    SEMrush

•    According to Gabriella Sannino, the senior project manager and co-founder at Level343, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    SEMrush
2.    The Google Pack- namely Google Search Console, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. All three create a powerful punch for creating some strong SEO campaigns
3.    Hootsuite

•    According to Matthew Capala- the founder and managing director at Search Decoder and Alphametic and author of “SEO like I’m 5”, the leading SEO tools are:
1.    SEMRush
2.    Keyword Planner
3.    Open Site Explorer

Best SEO Tools 2016- drawing a conclusion:

So, these are just a few expert opinions, there are many more. These are mainly judged on which tools offer the best job of giving the users the research driven investigation tools for identifying the SEO opportunities for growth along with offering enterprise-grade functionality to the users at reasonable rates.

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