January 10, 2019

Why Do People Choose WooCommerce For eCommerce Web Development?

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Since inception, the trend of online shopping has catapulted to great heights. And it is possible to develop your own presence in the field of eCommerce by creating your online store. While it comes to launching an eCommerce website, selecting the right platform is one of the biggest concerns for every business owner. With a number of platforms available these days on the market, it is often really confusing to choose the right option. The majority of the companies choose WooCommerce as the selling platform as this WordPress plugin is open source and also comes with a number of themes, which helps it to develop both static and dynamic websites. Additionally, it is a secure plugin, which successfully keeps both the threats and viruses at bay.

Large businesses often choose Magento as the website platform. But the only problem with Magento is that it is not flexible and therefore it becomes necessary to hire a Magento development company for the E-commerce web design India.

But irrespective of the size of your business, WooCommerce web development platform works as a great selling platform.

In this blog, you will get thorough information about how WooCommerce web development offered by a WooCommerce development company in India can be a great boon for your business. But before that, let’s get some details about the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce is basically a WordPress plugin, which is mainly used to add features regarding eCommerce into an eCommerce website. This open source platform is mainly used to design the web pages and features of the sites necessary for smooth operation of the eCommerce sites. In fact, this plugin is considered to be the best solution that can boost the features of an eCommerce website. The best thing about this plugin is that this is designed in such a way that can be embedded quite easily in the pre-existing codes of a website without any errors or glitch. Besides, this plug-in can also be used solely to enhance the functionality of the online store website.

Benefits of developing an online store with WooCommerce:

Although WooCommerce is free to use, it is possible to extend the functionality of this plug-in even further with different types of free and paid extensions offered by a WooCommerce web development company India. These extensions can do a complete range of things starting from serving to clients on the product landing pages and AI-driven recommendations to offering the options for daily and scheduled group deals, which trigger while a certain number of clients purchase an item.

WooCommerce is free. Therefore, there is no requirement of paying anything to get this plugin.

It is open source. Therefore, it is highly-customizable for individual requirements, even in case of Web development Services in india a WooCommerce web development company in India.

WooCommerce development is considered to be the most feature-rich and versatile option in plugins.

As the WooCommerce plugin is compatible with different WordPress themes, therefore there is no requirement of making any changes to the existing designs or functions of the eCommerce website.

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