December 23, 2016

WhatsApp Sent Messages : Will Soon Allow Users To Edit

WhatsApp Sent Messages

In some cases, the ability to edit messages just feels great as spelling mistakes and typos can land you to some awkward situations, some of these can be downright embarrassing. There are situations, when we carelessly end up sending wrong messages meant for someone else. In these situations, a delete or edit feature can work like a life-saver. Considering this thing, a future update of WhatsApp Sent Messages is all set to add one feature, which will definitely bring welcome relief to all the careless typists.

WhatsApp is known for adding timely tweaks to the app all around the year. In the recent time, this company just added the video calling feature, joining the competitors like Skype and Hangouts among other in doing that.

But this is the first time, when WhatsApp has introduced a revolutionary feature since it was launched in the year 2010. This feature allows the users to edit or revoke messages that the users already have sent to other contacts. At presently, this feature is available in the WhatsApp’s iPhone beta version iOS In a video put out on the Twitter account of WABetaInfo, it has been shown how messages can be edited or revoked in the iOS version of WhatsApp.

This feature can be disabled by default. It means, the users need to turn on this feature manually. It means, the users will need to know the existence of this feature and seek this out within the settings menu to enable.

Upcoming features WhatsApp messages

Here are the details:

Long pressing and holding on sent message with the iOS version of WhatsApp will now include two options in the small menu. One is “Edit” and another one is “Revoke”. Edit will also the users to change the content of message while revoke will let them pull the texts from conversation in a manner that it never existed. It also looks like this feature can even be applied to the read messags as the blue check marks of WhatsApp can be seen briefly before the messages are removed. But there is a disagreement in this statement. As according to another source, this feature of WhatsApp will only work in case the recipient has not seen the message sent.

At present, WhatsApp only allows the users to delete messages on the device level and therefore the deleted messages remain visible to the recipients. It means, in case you write something regrettable or make any embarrassing typo, the recipient will be able to see it even if you delete the message. But with the availability of this feature, the WhatsApp users will be able to edit or redact messages legitimately, which have already travelled through the cyberspace. There is another option on which WhatsApp is working on presently is the option to preview all the shared archive files like as RAR and ZIP files. It means, the users will be able to see a preview of the RAR and ZIP files sent to them.
WhatsApp Sent Messages
But there is no confirmation about when this feature of WhatsApp Sent Messages of editing or revoking sent messages will be available for the Android beta users.

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  1. This is a wonderful post for the readers. After reading this blog, I am amazed to learn that now it will be possible for the WhatsApp message senders to edit the messages even after sending the messages. This is actually a great feature and therefore thank you timefortheweb for sharing the details.

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