September 22, 2015

Long_Parallax scrolling – new genre of web design

Long_Parallax scrolling

Long_Parallax scrolling With the invention of CSS3 and HTML5 the earlier versions of these two most essential technologies are no more in use. Almost they have become obsolete. These two latest web designing technologies have brought a massive change in web design and development. Right now one of the popular fashions is Long_Parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling or parallax web design is nothing but a new trend that involves making the background of the website move more slowly than the foreground. As a result, the user experiences an intriguing 3D effect that adds depth and looks quite sharp. The main objective for making of a parallax web site is to attract a wide range of online visitors to the informational web page or e-commerce web-store. It’s possible to combine parallax features with other design elements to create a unique layout. It has already proved that this design option is very much effective for especially creative companies as well as for the others too. Long_Parallax scrolling Another most popular trend in the early part of this year has been long scrolling websites. Apple led the way with its iPhone 6 page, which showed how it's possible to include a lot of information on a single page in a sleek and compelling manner. The reason this trend is so popular – and will likely have staying power – has to do with how people are accessing the Internet now. As web users have shifted predominantly from using desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, or at least adding the latter to their arsenal, it's become easier simply to scroll, instead of clicking small links to navigate from page to page. On the other hand it helps a website to gain high SERP rank quickly and lower down the bounce rate keep online visitors for a long stay at the site.

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