February 15, 2017

LinkedIn ProFinder : Offers New Freelance Marketplace for the Gig Economy

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn is popular for the wide professional base that successfully reaches all across the globe. Being a platform for professional connectivity, LinkedIn Profinder has proved to be a reliable platform as well the perfect social network platform for the professionals. By connecting around 400 million users around the globe, LinkedIn has completely changed the approach to work. For a long time, this platform has been a resource for the white collar professionals to network. But, in the recent time, this social media platform has also invested into the gig economy.

LinkedIn’s ProFinder is considered to be one of the latest marketplaces for the gig economy workers. It mainly works with the goal to connect the independent contractors with potential clients, like as other freelance platforms. But as LinkedIn has already become a trusted social networking platform for the professionals, it will become easy for this site to branch out to the on-demand economy.

Now the LinkedIn’s ProFinder freelance marketplace is available throughout the US. From October last year, LinkedIn has started testing LinkedIn ProFinder. In the past five years, the number of freelancers on this professional network has increased around 50% and therefore, LinkedIn ProFinder is now aiming to connect small businesses and users with professional services.
The insights of LinkedIn ProFinder are:

The highest populations of freelancers were found on both West and East Coasts
Colorado, Florida, and Texas were the three states, which showed the majority of the freelancer growth
The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have experienced 50% growth in the freelance workers over the period of five years, compared to the 21% for the non-freelance workers.

So, what you need to know about the future of ProFinder? The answer is that, with the network of more than 450 million users, ProFinder plays an important role in driving as well as supporting the gig economy. As part of the venture, LinkedIn ProFinder always digs into the LinkedIn data to glean more insight into this growing and a new sector of the workforce.

Now let’s have a look at the things that differentiates LinkedIn ProFinder from other freelance websites. The main thing that differentiates this site is the strong focus on the freelancer profiles. Besides, a professional headline, photograph, recommendations, summary and long term posts are the five major elements to this.

The next thing is how LinkedIn users can begin tapping into LinkedIn ProFinder:

First, you need to head to for submitting the project request. After submitting the request, it will be sent to the most aptly qualified professionals, beginning first with those in your network or extended network. Therefore, in response, you will receive around five detailed proposals. While you will review the proposals, you will get to see the common connections, which can only be seen in LinkedIn. Then review all the profiles of the prospective hires to check the skills, experience, recommendations from the past clients and samples of work. All these mechanisms will be in place to make sure that you will hire the best candidate for the job with trust and confidence.

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  1. It is a wonderful blog post to read on. Almost all of us are well aware of LinkedIn ProFinder and how it works. But like many other people, I was unaware how this platform helps by offering a freelance marketplace for the gig economy. But this blog post has helped me to learn about it.

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