December 7, 2016

Google Earth Timelapses Show Climate Change

Google Earth Timelapses

Google Earth Timelapses  is basically a geo browser, which accesses ocean bathymetry, areal and satellite imagery and other types of geographic data over the web to represent the earth as the three dimensional globe. Alternatively, these browsers are known as Earth browsers or Virtual globes or even geographic browser by Google Earth. Google Earth is available both in free and pro versions.
Google Earth is mainly used to perform some day to day jobs like:

•    In some cases, Google Earth is used to view areas, which are subjected to widespread disasters in case Google supplies most updated images.

•    With Google Earth, it is possible to explore and place location bookmark on Mars and Moon

•    With Google’s push for including Google Earth in the Classroom, the teachers are using Google Earth in the classroom for the purpose of lesson planning like as to create mashups with other types of web applications like as Wikipedia and also to teach students some geographical themes like culture, location, human interaction, characteristics and movement.

•    Sometimes, Google Earth also functions as a hub of knowledge, affecting the users’ location. By enabling these options, the users can find out the location of restaurants, gas stations, museums and other types of public establishments in the area.

•    It is possible for one to get directions by using Google Earth Timelapses  using different variables like cities, street names and establishments. To do this, the address should be typed in the search fields.

•    In some cases, Google Earth Timelapses is used to map homes as well as to choose a random sample for research in the developing countries.

•    It is also possible to create custom image overlays for planning hikes and trips on the handheld GPS units.

Considering the importance of Google Earth, it is now widely used outside the fields of construction and engineering. The fact that it can integrate perfectly with radio frequency identification and GPS systems makes it ideal for asset tracking in almost every industry. Besides, Google Earth has now also become a type of home page for the geospatial data and related files. Just like the web browsers and desktops work as the starting points in the virtual space, Google Earth symbolizes a suitable organizational metaphor for the projects, which extend from cyberspace to physical space.

The recent update published by Google Earth Timelapses  describes the time lapse feature of the satellite imagery app, which works as a wonderful way to check the rapid pace of public infrastructure and urban development projects. This is a cool feature that allows anybody to jump into any location and watch the conversion of that place over the years. Besides, this app of Google Earth also allows the viewers to see how the human-driven climate change has changed the climate in the period of 32 years starting from 1984 to 2016. This app also includes petabytes of some high resolution imagery from two new satellites namely Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 so that the viewers can see clear images of the effects of carbon emissions and other vital manmade factors on sea levels, forest lines and glaciers.

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  1. Wow, this is a great post to read. After reading this blog, I got to know Google Earth Timelapses can actually show a change of climate. I had no idea about this topic before reading this blog, but in this blog, the information has been described so beautifully, which is worth of reading.

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