July 4, 2017

How To Connect To Your Audience With A Good Web Design?

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There is actually a big difference between good web design and bad web design. Although most of the people are capable of understanding good design, but they are not aware what actually makes the difference. Only a good designer knows it. And in most of the cases, people just feel that there is something good about this. They mostly look at the vibrant color or the eye catching font, but they don’t know it for sure. But actually, there are some other things than just making the design look right.

All that matters is how the website functions. At the same time, consider the fact that a website is not a machine. Basically, there is no simple recipe or code base for good web design. It can’t be programmed, generated or automated. It means, the design needs some more. To create a web design, which actually connects, it is necessary to reach new level of interaction with the audience.

  1. Design for human: The design of a site creates a great impression with the users and therefore you must make their interaction with the website as human friendly as you can. None prefers to be instructed or greeted by a robot.

Making a website human-centered means it is quite easy to use and not making the users guess what they are actually supposed to do next. This means that if you focus on the good web design around the action of people and how the visitors expect the site to work for them.

It is possible to improve the user experience of any website by solving the common issues easily, which otherwise would take the time of the visitors to figure out things.

  1. Design to depict a story: The style of making homepages looks like the airplane dashboard style is over. These days, one of the main things about designing a website is to avoid overusing call to actions, buttons and other important distractions. Now it is all about depicting a story. You can imagine it with the pages of a comic book where illustrations and size strips of different types and sizes are used to make the stories more interesting. So, the web design is all about to keep your interested, get the attention of the clients, surprise the clients, make the clients laugh or astonished. And good narration and images have major contributions in this matter.
  2. Design for people’s emotions: Emotions have a major influence on most of our decisions. So, while it comes to designing a site, the importance of emotions can’t be ignored. By using some particular shapes, fonts, photos, icons or colors, it is actually possible to affect the way people think about the services or products of any brand.

Big brands always play with the emotion of people always. And here product designing works as a main factor. For instance, the brand Apple spends loads of money and time to ensure that the products look modern, sexy and sleek. Apart from that, it is also about how the product or service works and feels while using.

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