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Website design and development has become more competitive than it was before. Old methods have become obsolete with the emergence of latest trend and techniques. In the past people used to get access of a website on their personal computer. But in present time several user interface have been introduced in the market. From that point of view responsive web design is invented and has incessant demand among the individuals, businessmen and the institutions those who need to increase their online presence through internet.

Websites with this new designing trend is fulfilling the requirement of the both the users and site owners. A website with responsive design is accessible on Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, Tab and the most favorite device used by the people with all age group that is Smart Phone. Enormous use of smartphones not only changes the concept of website designing and development but has brought notable change in the digital marketing arena.

Keeping this in mind we the Time for the Web, an innovative website design and development concern from Eastern India are designing & developing new and redesigning existing websites and web-stores. To grow online presence and to attract more online traffic new trends and techniques are being used all over the world. We are no exception to this trend. We will discuss all that new to the web world throughout a series of blog entry. These are the emerging trends are being implemented in the field of new-age web design and development Timefortheweb.

1. Motion UI
2. New challenges for responsive design
3. Foundation for Apps
4. The rise of Node.js
5. Web UI components
6. New JavaScript features
7. Web API
8. Single page applications
9. The rise of Instagram
10. The Internet of Things (IoT)

At our upcoming posts we are going to discuss all these new genre of web sites brings benefits to the website owners, web store owners and innumerable net savy folks from across the universe.

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February 01, 2016